Debra Rae

Wishin’ and Hopin’ 2008: A Global Forecast, Part II

©2008 Debra Rae



Election Year 2008: The Best Platform Money Can Buy

The global trend: With increasing frequency, global “soft law” supersedes the U.S. Constitution. Once ratified, an agreement, convention, declaration, executive order, pact, summit, or treaty legally binds a nation to its provisions. American citizens standing before the International Criminal Court no longer enjoy legal safeguards guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. You see, the ICC is poised to wield permanent jurisdiction over numbers of “rights” that defy our own Constitution, not to mention clear biblical mandate with respect to reproductive and homosexual rights, voluntary legalized prostitution, and adolescent autonomy from parental intrusion. 

Boasting the largest number of candidates of any in U.S. history, the 2008 presidential race is of paramount importance. Purportedly, over half the contenders are in some way linked to the Council on Foreign Relations, spearheading global government at the expense of American sovereignty. Furthermore, a majority of the candidates align with religious denominations of the one-world, inter-faith variety. 

The secular reality: Numerous key issues are at stake—for one, plans of the Campaign for the National Popular Vote to ditch the tried-and-true electoral college. To do so would inappropriately advantage candidates from the most populated states, as California or New York. Furthermore, it would override the safeguard that no single faction or issue can elect a president, who instead must win over many diverse states.

Constitutionally, Congress makes the laws; courts interpret them. Keep in mind that Supreme Court justices are not elected, as are members of Congress, yet the former remain “in for life.” Be sure, factions most likely would super-size the judicial voice. It stands to reason that supremacist judicial activists are guided by their own social and political preferences over and above the U.S. Constitution. To further enable the most powerful decision-makers in the land could be tantamount to giving our culture an extreme make-over by court order. 

In 1994, the Wall Street Journal dubbed Prof. Larry J. Sabato of the University of Virginia "the most-quoted college professor in the land." A Rhodes Scholar, this political analyst apparently advocates rewriting our Constitution. To do so would erase a great compromise: the House based on population; the Senate, on state representation. It would ban third parties and presentation of valid IDs before voting. Non-natural born citizens would qualify for the highest office in the land; men and women both would be called to mandatory military service; and elitist judges would qualify for even more special privilege. 

Last but not least, there are plans underfoot to give the District of Columbia a House seat, to create a race-based state in Hawaii similar to that of an Indian tribe, and to make Puerto Rico a state. Never mind that nearly half their people oppose the idea, as should we. If Puerto Rico were to become a state, our nation would be officially bi-lingual, and taxes would skyrocket.


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