The Senator Says: Better Check Your Safety Deposit Box



2007 Sharon Hughes 



Better check your Safety Deposit Box and Stocks.


That's what California Senator Tom McClintock recently said at an Eagle Forum conference when he spoke on government 'takings' and the latest abuses of eminent domain and the 5th Amendment, which provides that private property shall not be taken from the government without just compensation.

The Senator told of one couple who was getting ready for retirement, only to find out that their stocks worth $1 million had been confiscated by the government, sold for $105,000, which was all they then had a 'right' to in compensation. Unbelievable!

One of the other disturbing things he alerted us to is that the government can now take the contents of your safety deposit box if it's been THREE YEARS since you've 'claimed' it. It use to be 15 years, but it has recently been changed.

I highly recommend that you listen to my interview with Senator McClintock online (see link below), to get all the information that he shared. The abuses of private property are getting out of hand for home owners and small businesses.

Trust me, what the Senator has to say is crucial information for you and your family. I suggest that you pass this information on to everyone you care about. (You can use the forward link below if you like).


Hear the show  (See 5/14/07)



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