James Atticus Bowden

Ten Reasons To Read Rosetta 6.2


©2007  James Atticus Bowden

Rosetta 6.2 is one response to the most unique and profound experience in my life which occurred on March 15, 1987.  For seven years prior, since my father’s death, I prayed for an answer beyond a doubt about what happens after death.  Even though I’d seen my father in a dream that was unlike any dream I ever had – the night after he died – where he assured me he was okay and all right – I still questioned.

Then, on the Ides of March 1987 on the snowy, cold Range 214 in Grafenwoehr, Germany I was saying my prayers after another all-nighter and long day of Bradley gunnery while I walked behind the range.  Suddenly, all of the sky went pink to my eyes – all of it lit up.  I felt a warm air blow through my layers of clothing and combat gear like I had nothing, no skin, on my ribs to stop it.  I felt as if I was being blown up like a balloon.  The feeling was the best I have ever had in my entire life.  It was better and more fulfilling than anything!  It was an unbelievable peace and joy that combined to powerfully, overwhelm me.  I recalled Aslan’s breath.

Thoughts, not a voice, came into my head very precisely.  I was told, “There is a light and a warmth on the other side.  You will not command in peace or war.”  I was shocked because commanding in combat was the desire of my heart and there was no sign of war coming - yet.  Then, I was told, “You will read and write.”  The incredible, good-intoxicated feeling of well-being lasted for days.  It slowly ebbed away.  I got my life’s mission in the community of Christ.

I started writing Rosetta 6.2 in March 1990 at the same time I started doing military “futures” full time.  I asked God what I should write specifically.  From that moment on, I never had writer’s block.  The ideas and words just came to me.  I wrote the book in my head and on scraps of paper.  After I got a PC, it took me six months to finish Chapter One while writing in the hours after my children’s bed time.  Over the years I took lengthy diversions to read about different subjects, like illegal drugs, computer science, the Koran, Islam, Jesuits, Martin Luther, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., etc.  I took time to think.  And listen.

Meanwhile, I projected the future ideologically-based global struggle from my job as a military futurist.  I finished the first draft in June 1999.  I rewrote and edited the entire book another three times.  I finished up finally in 2004.  All of 2005 and 2006 were given over to an agent (without success) and used to produce my cover art concept.  It was a time for Rosetta 6.2 to lie fallow before final edits.

Now it’s done.  Is this book worth reading?  The answers to the questions below are the reasons it matters – the reasons to read Rosetta 6.2.

  1. What if an Orwellian, fearful future sprang from the Nanny State of President Hillary in just a few short years?

  2. What if new designer drugs caused drug abuse to soar totally out of control? What if the Islamist Terrorists and the Narco-Terrorists (Drug Lords) started working closer and became close allies against America?

  3. What would it require to take down drugs and Islamist cells at the same time? Can we really win the War on Drugs?

  4. Could the Culture War become a Second American Civil War? 

  5. Why would Christians and Jews risk their lives to be hunted by Terrorists? Who are John Tillman, old Bubba Holland, Naomi Tolley, Ishmael Shabazz, Ruth Weinstein, Pablo Cervantes, and Army Lieutenant General Larry Trento?

  6. What if the U.S. Government never quit working on the giant, snooping Carnivore computer project? 

  7. What is “Rosetta 6.2”? 

  8. What is a rose cinquefoil?

  9. What advances in technology were foreseen, or simply imagined, in the early 90s that actually happened?

  10. What is the intersection of reason and faith for a very intelligent person to become a believing, transformed Christian?

You can order Rosetta 6.2 at on-line book stores, like Amazon and Borders, or save $2 and get an autographed copy by ordering it from www.rosettasixpointtwo.com

I thought one reader was being too kind when he said, “It’s a cross between Tom Clancy and C.S. Lewis.”  Then, a week ago a new reader said the same thing!  I’m getting other great responses from readers.  How about you?


James Atticus Bowden is a military ‘futurist’. His novel, Rosetta 6.2, is available at www.rosettasixpointtwo.com. A retired United States Army Infantry Officer, he is a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy. He earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University. He holds three elected Republican Party offices in Virginia. Contact him through his website, www.americancivilization.net, and blog, Deo Vindice.