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As you know the Democrat controlled Senate is doing their all-nighter to debate the war in Iraq. I listened to some of it on C-SPAN. Senator Harkin read several letters from his Iowa constituents - all wanting the troops to come home--now.

Harkin accused President Bush of cherry-picking elements of reports on the progress in Iraq, saying Bush would do it again after the General gives his report in Sept. But the letters Harkin read from voters in his state were all against the war. Surely there are some in his state who agree with the other 51% of Americans who believe the surge should go through Sept. And surely he's heard from some of them! Hello?

I talked on the show today about CODEPINK's current targets: the Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.


As the SF Chronicle reported: Medea Benjamin, the San Francisco activist and Green Party leader who co-founded the group, CODEPINK, is leading the group in shifting its attention to Congress after a four-month daily vigil outside the White House...saying, "We put all our pressure on the Bush administration to begin with. Obviously, that didn't make a difference. So we thought, 'Let's move who we can move, let's change the Congress,' and so we went out and worked like hell to get Democrats elected. Now we are putting pressure on the Democrats who control Congress. It seems like a logical strategy to me."

We've done shows on CODEPINK - who they are, their agenda, etc., so I didn't get in to their ideology and history today, but rather their activities and effectiveness.

But remember? They infiltrated the Democrat and Republican national conventions in 2004. Bush's acceptance speech was interrupted twice by the group, including CODEPINK co-founder Jodie Evans, who removed her dress to reveal a pink slip with the words: "Fire Bush! Women Say Bring Home the Troops Now."



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