Jihadists In Ohio Convicted Of Plotting To Kill U.S. Soldiers


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Evan Kohlmann at CounterterrorismBlog.org reported on the three homegrown Jihadis in Ohio who were convicted of plotting to Kill U.S. Soldiers in Iraq:


"This afternoon, a federal jury in Toledo, Ohio has convicted three local men--Mohammad Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum--of all criminal charges filed against them, including plotting attacks against U.S. troops fighting in Iraq. The jury took less than two days to render a resounding verdict in the case, which involved one of the largest collections of terrorist propaganda ever to be seized by the FBI on U.S. soil. During the investigation of the three men—Mohammed Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum—FBI agents uncovered a wealth of incriminating evidence indicating that the men were habitual users of such notorious terrorist websites as Muntada al-Ansar and Al-Ekhlaas. Evidence seized from Marwan El-Hindi included login information for an account on the Al-Ekhlaas discussion forum which, in February 2005, was used to post a message which proclaimed to other Al-Ekhlaas users, “I am a terrorist. Please add my name to the list of wanted terrorists. I am a Palestinian Muslim from the Army of Mohammed, may Peace be Upon Him. Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist, Terrorist!”

According to the Toledo Blade Mohammed Amawi, Marwan El-Hindi, and Wassim Mazloum were "learning to shoot guns and make explosives while raising money to fund their plans to wage a holy war against U.S. troops."

And all three were "convicted of conspiring to kill or maim people outside the United States, including military personnel, and Amawi and El-Hindi were convicted of distributing information regarding explosives to terrorists."

Patrick Rowan, acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security said, “Today’s verdicts should send a strong message to individuals who would use this country as a platform to plot attacks against U.S. military personnel in Iraq and elsewhere. This case also underscores the need for continued vigilance in identifying and dismantling extremist plots that develop in America’s heartland.”

Thank God they were caught and convicted, and that there have been no further attacks on America here at home since 9/11. In these ways we could say we are winning the war on terror. I recommend viewing the video, "Jihad in America - Terrorists Among Us" by Reporter Steven Emerson on terrorist cells in America.



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