Oakland A's & Paris Hilton: Playing The "Race Card"



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A listener, Greg James, forwarded me a copy of a letter he sent to the Oakland A's media and executive office in response to the honoring of their "Black Aces". Here's what Greg said: 

"Will the Oakland A's be honoring the 'White Aces' too? As a longtime A's fan, what race or ethnicity has to do with Oakland A's great pitchers/players, stumps me. However since the current A's hierarchy insists, on playing the race card, can we expect an equal celebration honoring the achievements and recognitions of European-American Oakland A's pitching greats too? I would bet, there are more of them, then there are of African-Americans. But then, who is counting? You are, apparently! I guess, if I hold my breath until the A's honor the 'White Aces', you can call me blue boy. Can we let this shameless cataloging of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual choice go, and instead, Play Ball! Batter Up!" 

We all know that many of the great stars of baseball, basketball, football and other sports are black, or African-American if you prefer. But, honestly, are they good because they are black? Or because they are good? 

If I were black I'd want people to recognize my ability for my ability, not because of my race.

Women have battled this one too, though not near as much as in the past. There was a time when clearly women were thought to be inferior in performance. That no longer is the rule. Most of the CEO's and high degree-holders are women today, including black women.

It's time to recognize all people for their abilities, talents, and performance based on what they accomplish, apart from their race and gender. 

I understand that there are still some folks who haven't made the switch from bigot and prejudiced, to accepting, unprejudiced mature adults, so there's still some problems in some arenas and areas for both women and blacks...

But where the 'Swirled Views' part comes in on this issue is when politicians like Al Sharpton continually and constantly play the "Race Card" when race has nothing to do with the issue...like saying the reason Paris Hilton was let out of prison before before sent back was because of race.
It's time for all of us to do the right thing. Honor EVERYONE when honor is due and drop the race and gender cards, period.

BTW, Paris Hilton says prison has changed her:

"I'm not the same person I was. I used to act dumb. It was an act. I am 26-years-old, and that act is no longer cute. It is not who I am, nor do I want to be that person for the young girls who looked up to me. I know now that I can make a difference, that I have the power to do that. I have been thinking that I want to do different things when I am out of here. I have become much more spiritual. God has given me this new chance."

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