Muslim Women Face Terror In Their Own Homes


2006 Sharon Hughes 


As the war on terror is fought valiantly by our soldiers, Muslim women in Australia face terror in their own homes. I found this extremely disturbing story at PCWatch:

AUSTRALIAN POLICE TOLD: MUSLIM WIFE-BEATING IS A "TRADITION" TO BE RESPECTED and are advised to "treat Muslim domestic violence cases differently out of respect for Islamic traditions and habits." They are told to work with Muslim leaders, "who will try to keep the families together." This politically correct policing has women's groups concerned that this would let wife bashers off the hook keeping victims in a cycle of violence.

The instructions are in a 'religious diversity handbook' that is given to Australian police officers. It also recommends "special treatment for suspects of Aboriginal, Hindu and Buddhist background." and "In incidents such as domestic violence, police need to have an understanding of the traditions, ways of life and habits of Muslims." They are told "it would be appreciated in cases of domestic violence if police consult the local Muslim religious leader who will work against fragmenting the family unit." Police officers argue concerns that the directives hinder their ability to enforce the law equally.

Since when is domestic violence to be respected? This takes PC over the top! Women all over the world need to speak out against this absolute nonsense. Please pass this on!

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