The Last GOP Debate - And It's Huckabee vs. Paul



2007 Sharon Hughes 


Last night's FOX News debate was the best GOP one so far in my view. Many of the candidates seemed to articulate their positions on the issues better, but perhaps none so better than in the exchange between Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee on the war.

Paul voicing his position against the war, bemoaning the GOP's recent election losses, and Huckabee stepping up to the plate taking issue with Paul saying, when we are at war, regardless of how we got there, we cannot be divided, but rather we need to be "one nation under God - the United States - not the divided states" of America. And that honor was more important than the Republican Party's success.

Powerful. You can see it here.


And see a video overview of the debate here.


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Plus see Fred Thompson's announcement here - last night on Jay Leno show and at his website here.


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Q: Have you settled on a candidate yet?


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