President Bush's New Illegal Immigration Policy - "I Oppose Amnesty"



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"I oppose amnesty," said President George W. Bush in his speech before a group of border enforcement personnel at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. He also said, "Our responsibility is clear...We are going to protect the border…We're going to expand interior repatriation...We want to make it clear when they (illegal immigrants) violate U.S. immigration laws they are going to be sent home and they are going to stay at home."
In brief, here is a summary of the President's remarks outlining his new policy on illegal immigration. Citing successes by the border patrol, such as catching over 1,000 illegal gang members, over 2,000 smugglers, and the increase of funds and agents on the border since September 11, 2001, the President outlined a new three part plan to address America's illegal immigration problems. His speech and plan will definitely be the topic of debate on talk shows this week.
Bush's Plan:
1) Return all illegals back across the border - through Interior Re-Repatriation to their home towns far from the border. Sited success when implemented: only 8% cross the border again. Non-Mexican illegals are detained, but not enough beds at detention centers, thus 4 out of 5 that are caught are released into society and only given a date to appear in court date: 75% don't show up. This 'catch & release' policy has been in place for decades and the President said it "is going to end." Will change to a 'catch and return' policy, as will expand detention facilities as well as expediting removal of non-Mexican illegals faster (within 30 days).
2) Correct/enforce existing immigration laws - cited the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled that illegals can re-argue their cases as often as they want; and that businesses must abide by immigration laws. To help with this he proposed a new temporary worker plan where 'honest workers' can register for a legal worker's permit for a set period of time and then sent home. Also, is proposing a new tamper-proof ID card which he says will document fraud and make it easier for businesses to comply with the law. He acknowledged there is alot of controversy surrounding such a card.
3) Stop illegals from crossing the border in the first place - described the bill he signed last month that puts 1,000 more agents on the border (most of them will be in Arizona); $139 million to upgrade technology including the use of drones to spot and catch illegals; $70 million to install and improve barriers and fencing.
As cited by WorldNetDaily, Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said, "This administration has a sustained track record of ignoring reality when it conflicts with what the corporate interests want it to do. The president's plan is nothing more than a massive illegal alien amnesty on a six year time delay, while his temporary-worker program – which will be anything but temporary – is the death knell for America's middle class...Unless the American people see real, tangible immigration law enforcement in the interior, no one will believe there is a serious commitment from this president.His organization is urging the administration to back a "genuine immigration enforcement," as in H.R. 4313, authored by Reps. Duncan Hunter and Virgil Goode.


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