Guest Commentary 5

Time For A Hangin'

Wild West Justice Needed In The East



©2006  Resa LaRu Kirkland

 OK, I knew it was coming.  When I went to check North Korea’s state run newspaper the past couple of weeks, I immediately noticed the mammoth increase in anti-America rhetoric.  NK watchers know this a sign that Kim is up to no good, and we brace ourselves for an announcement.  Sure enough, we got one.


Yawn.  Haven’t we been down this road before?  This time there’s a little more plutonium on board, but other than that, déjà vu.


That’s the problem with Totalitarian Dictators:  they have a knack for teasing their audience, sometimes for years, to both gain attention and—oddly enough—the element of surprise.  After all, it worked for Hitler, and from looking at Kim’s Kollection of worldly Krap, he only follows the best.


Yep…Kim’s counting on our two second attention span and easily distracted, what’s-Johnny-Depp-up-to level of consciousness.  It’s his most powerful western ally.  Well, that and the UN.


Chamberlain assured the world of “peace in our time.”  The Nazi beast snickered at the easily led fool—and handy tool—and gobbled up most of Europe in only a few bites as the last tremors of Chamberlain’s words echoed across the world.


And now we hear the Stalinist stomach beginning to growl.  This time, however, we have John Bolton, whose truth about the enablers of NK’s wretched behavior was more than refreshing; it was hilarious and dead on. "We will find out in this experts' meeting this afternoon what North Korea's protectors on the council are going to do," Bolton said, in an apparent reference to China and Russia, which infuriated China's representative. Oh SNAP!!!!  Bolton ’s was in full cowboy what-America-used-to-be swing…Political Castration has NOT claimed this man. Of course, the cry-babies—I mean, commies—didn’t take it lying down; just lying. …Chinese Ambassador Wang Guangya took exception to Bolton 's comments. "We are all concerned about the North Korean announcement. On this issue, everybody is unanimous...No one is going to protect them," he said. Lies, lies and more left…er, I mean lies.


Poor Ambassador Wang.  What a pathetic apologist for evil.  Apparently he gets his panties in a twist when real men call him on China ’s repeated support of a regime whose ominous and continuous violations have been growing worse and more frequent in the past 5 years.  I’m sure, had he been allowed to continue, he would have explained that the nasty paper cut Kim will get from the UN letter of outrage will sting like a mother. 


That’ll show him.


Why is the UN divided on this issue?  I mean, is there some candy-assed country at THE BIG MEETING really saying, “I don’t think Kim would do anything crazy?”  And if there is, for God’s sake—WHY ARE WE LISTENING TO THE BLIND FOOL?


ENOUGH.  You hear that, UN?  Enough.  No more bowin’ and scrapin’ before that stir-fried Totalitarian Dictator anymore.  He’s been given money, supplies, and oodles of time to do the right thing.  We have his answer.  He’s drawn the line in the kimchi over and over again, daring us to come near.  Instead of girding our loins and calling his bluff, we keep moving back from it and he keeps getting bolder.  This lying thief, this wicked manipulator and horrific murderer, this glorified nuclear “cattle rustler” needs to be brought to justice, and right now.  He has slaughtered, slandered, shattered his way through this life, with not one mitigating factor to level the scales and justify our tolerance any further.  And the inexcusable enabling of the UN—who in response has sighed, sanctioned, and surrendered—makes them next in line for a dose of old school justice.


But America …we’re the ones I can’t figure out.  Why do we continue to be so Politically Castrated?  This isn’t us, people.  We have a cowboy history in this nation that at one time conquered a wild world and united the greatest land in history from sea to shining sea.  There was a time in this country when those who dared to steal another man’s cattle—just his cattle!—were left swinging from the tallest tree.  Cowboy justice tolerated no evil…ever.


When we were cowboys, we took on Nazis, commies, fascists, and Japs, and we won.  We beat them all and rebuilt a world where enemies became friends and those bent on our destruction embraced freedom.  No one in history has ever done such a thing. We have whipped nations thoroughly, gaining unconditional surrender, then taken them by the hand instead of taking them over.  We were invincible, when we were cowboys.


Now that we’re “sensitive,” we let masters of genocide off with a strongly worded letter.  We help them build nuclear facilities, then put on our big “Surprise!” face when they double cross us.  We play “Let’s Pretend” that we’re dealing with men instead of beasts, then can’t figure out how this reality happened.  We are doomed now that we’re sensitive.


Perhaps Wang is enjoying the distraction of NK’s latest for a more ominous reason.  Surely it is no coincidence that UK newspapers ran this story only a couple of weeks ago: China has secretly fired powerful laser weapons designed to disable American spy satellites by "blinding" their sensitive surveillance devices, it was reported yesterday…The document said that China could blind American satellites with a ground-based laser firing a beam of light to prevent spy photography as they pass over China…Although the Chinese tests do not aim to destroy American satellites, the laser attacks could make them useless over Chinese territory.—UK Telegraph News

Do I really need to ask Wang why China has created technology that will blind our satellites?  I don’t think so…it would seem that Cowboy Bolton remembers a time when the response to wickedness was swift, sane, and strict.  His response to China was more than funny; it was an acknowledgement of what they are up to, and perhaps a warning.  I’m praying that Bolton , like most cowboys, will follow his words with action when China aids Kim the cattle rustler yet again.  Wang may have the name, but cowboys have the game.


For the first time in a long time, I see a leader devoid of “sensitivity” and engorged with “testosterone.”  Thank God…about stinkin' time.  NK, China, Iran, take note—If we play cowboys and Asians/Muslims, you’re through.


Yee haw…I’ll get the trees ready, you grab some rope.  We have some cowboy justice to dispense at long last.


Sigh.  If only…


Keep the faith, pardners, and in all things courage.




Resa LaRu Kirkland is an avid military historian, with her main focus being on the Korean War and its forgotten warriors. She has been given many names by her beloved Korean War Vets, her favorites being "War Chick," "The Pitbull," "Rambo Brockovich," "Hellraiser," "Tiger" and "D-Day."