James Atticus Bowden

Why Jim Gilmore Can Be President 



©2007  James Atticus Bowden


James Gilmore announced his exploratory committee for the Presidency.  The MSM yawns.  They don’t get it.  He can be President of the United States of America because he fills the vacuum on the Right.  The former Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia can win the Republican nomination as the strongest Conservative.  Jim Gilmore can win the Presidency in a close election, like 2000, because the contrast with the opposition – whether it’s Hillary and Obama, or ‘anybody’ Liberal Democrat, will run hope against despair.  Hope always wins with Americans.


Gilmore fills the void Sen. George Allen left after he self-destructed this fall.  Moreover, he stands taller than the few fellows running now who share the Right. 


The primary-voting majority in the Republican Party is Conservative, and not compromising, on economic, defense and social issues. 


Rudy Guiliani is too Liberal with too messy a personal life.


John McCain’s swings from loose cannon to anti-free speech Liberal overcome his war hero credentials.


Chuck Hagel is McCain’s loose cannon clone and weak on Illegal Immigration.


Sam Brownback voted for the ‘shamnesty’ bill to reward illegal aliens.


David Huckabee is a solid Conservative, but unknown on Illegal Immigration.  The MSM will make this ordained Baptist minister scarier than the Grand Inquisitor Torguemada.


Duncan Hunter is a good Conservative, but career Congressman doesn’t compare to Chief Executive of the 12th largest state.


Newt Gingrich is Mr. Great Ideas, but his personal life and failures as Speaker make him damaged goods.


Tommy Thompson would have to have an idea that separates him from the Big Government Republicanism of President Bush.


Which brings us to the front-running Conservative wannabe, Mitt Romney.  This political chameleon gives politics a bad name.  A grown man, who is over 50 and claims a deep religious faith in a sect that opposes abortion, but suddenly sees the light on the immorality of killing unborn babies is a liar or a fool.  Neither should be knowingly elected to President. 


Furthermore, if the President should have some powers of discernment, at least enough to have converted from a Christian cult to orthodoxy a long time ago.  Romney has the freedom to be a Mormon.  Just as he could be a Wiccan.  But, like a Wiccan running for President, his personal beliefs call into question his judgment, discernment and wisdom.


Since Jim Gilmore is none of the above, then who is he and why should he be elected President?


James Gilmore is really Reaganesque in his Conservative thinking.  Every candidate claims the mantle. He earns it.  Gilmore is Trumanesque in his inner man.  He is a self-made public servant.  Not born to wealth and privilege except the high honor of being born a Virginian and from a solid, Christian family.  He might look like staid Eisenhower to Romney’s faux Kennedy, but flash won’t win the primaries with Republicans.  Gilmore has the intellectual weight of a University of Virginia Law School graduate - well grounded in practical experience as a prosecutor and Attorney General.


Governor Gilmore has all the right enemies in Virginia .  Every big government goof, Republican or Democrat, blames him for the Clinton/9-11 Recession (00-02).  The Good People of Virginia remember promises made and promises kept.  Gilmore reduced the hated personal property tax, ‘No Car Tax’.  The Democrat Governors failed to finish the job and blame him, like Bush, for any and every woe.


Gilmore has been a national leader on Homeland Security.  He gets it.  He served in the Army during the Vietnam Era.  He learned about the military from the low end of the stick where America ’s youth serves and suffers.  He gained insights on the Communists in the Cold War and their threat.


Gilmore is the only candidate who is right on lowering taxes, reducing government spending, fighting the long, long WW IV against Islamists, fixing social security and medicare, stopping illegal immigration cold, promoting life and the family, as well as nominating strict constructionist judges.


If Gilmore articulates the choices as they are – and his positions on them through an indifferent, but soon-to-be hostile MSM – like Reagan did, he will connect with Republican voters across the country like he did with Virginia ’s faithful Republicans.


If Gilmore is compared closely, no one compares as a Conservative candidate.  That wins the Republican nomination.  The Conservative third of the Nation isn’t ready to surrender the momentum of change to Republicans running as liberals, moderates or disingenuous Conservatives of convenience when a Conservative of conscience, practice, conviction, and promise is available.


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James Atticus Bowden is a military ‘futurist’. His novel, Rosetta 6.2, should be published in mid-2006. Contact him through his website, www.americancivilization.net , and blog, Deo Vindice. A retired United States Army Infantry Officer, he is a 1972 graduate of the United States Military Academy. He earned graduate degrees from Harvard University and Columbia University. He holds three elected Republican Party offices in Virginia.