Liberals Not Happy With New Pro-America Pro-Israel French President

French President, "Dubya" Nicolas Sarkozy



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Liberals and socialists around the world, including in the U.S. don't know what to do now that France has a new conservative America-and-Israel-loving President.

The newly elected French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, is a conservative who defeated his Socialist Party rival, Ségolène Royal, by 53 percent to 47 percent. He is for Israel, pro-America and for lower taxes and tougher measures against criminals and terrorists.

New York papers label Sarkozy the French (cowboy) Dubya, and as Warner Todd Houston at Newsbusters recounts: "The New York Times didn't even wait for the French election results to become general knowledge before they began their sniping of the new "Conservative" French president...Let's review some of the harsh words, slights and names the Gray Lady hurls at the new president-elect:

  • Arrogant, brutal, an authoritarian demagogue...

  • ...one of the most polarizing figures to move into Élysée Palace in the postwar era...

  • He has always been nakedly ambitious, pragmatic and calculating and not beyond betrayal to reach his goals.

  • Mr. Sarkozy is a tad shorter than Napoleon was. His profile is remarkably similar to that of Louis XIV.

  • Mr. Sarkozy's brash manner and strong oratory style...

  • Many people regarded the anticrime campaign as a calculated effort to win support from France's far right in anticipation of his presidential bid.

  • Mr. Sarkozy's personal life has been less successful than his public one..."

His opponent branded Sarkozy as the new "poodle" of President George W. Bush, and labeled him a danger, "The choice of Nicolas Sarkozy is a dangerous choice," and that she had to "sound the alarm" about "the violence and brutality that will be spawned in the country. Everyone knows it, but no one says it. It is a kind of taboo"...

And the Times of India reports...

"Riot squads fired tear gas Sunday at protesters throwing stones, bottles and, in one instance, acid at police in cities across France after right-winger Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential victory.

In Paris, clashes erupted at the Place de la Bastille, where about 5,000 supporters of the defeated Socialist candidate Segolene Royal had gone to await the election results and stayed on after Sarkozy's triumph.

Up to 300 rioters, some wearing scarves around their faces, used bottles and stones in running attacks on police, who responded with baton charges, tear gas and water cannon. "

But Israel is pleased with the new French president.

"Nicolas Sarkozy is "a friend of Israel," and his victory in France's presidential election on Sunday heralds a more balanced French approach to the Middle East conflict, said Israeli leaders."

Benyamin Netanyahu said he counts Sarkozy among his personal friends, and that the French president-elect "wants to help Israel achieve true peace, and he understands our security needs well."

And how could America's President not be happy with this replacement of socialist, work-against America Chirac? Bush congratulated Sarkozy, who promised in his victory speech that the US could "count on our friendship".


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