Debra Rae

2007: A Global Forecast, Part 2



©2007 Debra Rae


Forget about heroes, successes, and divine intervention associated with the founding and perpetuity of our great nation. History and lit courses are more inclined to teach “blame America first” propaganda simmered in a stew of political correctness and multiculturalism. For example, Mexican rewrite of history wrongly accuses the U.S. of stealing their homeland. According to Harvard Professor Samuel P. Huntington, the reconquista of the Southwest ( Texas , New Mexico , Arizona , Nevada , Colorado , California , and Utah ) is “well under way.”


Hidey-ho, Revisionist History

Revisionism introduces factual and interpretive errors, omissions, and one-sided treatments that censor the dynamic role of Biblical Christianity in United States history. Today’s “social science” is skewed to ignore Western culture—always in the interest of diversity. For example, seventh graders in California ’s public schools are robbed of their national heritage, but required to study Islamic history and religion (always in favorable light).


Today’s “alternate ethic” emphasizes differences instead of shared values. That is to say, the melting pot has given way to a salad-bowl metaphor. For example, rather than support our Constitution and laws, speak the English language, and embrace all that being an American entails, thousands of illegal aliens refuse to assimilate into the melting pot our culture. This is demonstrated by recent release of a Mexican variation of the U.S. National Anthem.


Sadly, the outcome of cultural and historical amnesia is that our children fail to measure up academically. Over time, undereducated, but fully indoctrinated youth enter the adult work force with the utopian vision of pseudo-egalitarian global governance. No longer do they pledge allegiance to the flag of the US of A. Theirs is a presumed-to-be ”higher calling.”


Hooray for Kinsey

Dr. Kinsey’s flawed (even criminal) research gave rise to the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. Indeed, Kinsey-trained “sexperts” openly encouraged need for, and right to, nonproductive sexual gratification at any age and in any way. As a result, culturally-defined preconceptions of right and wrong were sorely challenged.


Even though some 70% of voters approve state marriage amendments, the president of SIECUS (Sex Instruction/Information Education Committee in the U.S.) fingers “faith communities” as threats to its allegedly superior pro-gay, non-abstinence, abortion-friendly sex education, all of which trivialize the traditional family. So much so that the U.S. Census Bureau no longer collects data with respect to marriage, divorce, and related matters.


At odds with traditional, Bible-based morality, a reality-check study concluded that fully 95 percent of Americans have engaged in sex before marriage. Research director for a private New York-based think tank, Lawrence Finer based findings on random interviews with more than 38,000 participants (Crary, David. 20 December 2006. “Study: Premarital Sex Normal for Most.” Seattle , WA : The Seattle Times).


It stands to reason that the longer one delays having sex, the fewer life partners and, thus, the less risk of contracting sexually-transmitted diseases. While defying reason, non-proliferating Kinseyan sexuality holds high the UN banner of sustainability.


Speaking of which, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child frees children from parental intrusion in their religious, entertainment, or sexual choices, but that’s not all. The UN views as legitimate the North American Man/Boy Love Association. NAMBLA advances “intergenerational intimacy,” better known as pedophilia. Also, voluntary prostitution is endorsed as a legitimate career choice—this, in the name of gender equality.


No wonder the chaste today are viewed as cultural lepers. Indeed, assistant secretary for children and families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Wade Horn referenced society’s looking askance at “the small minority that chooses to remain abstinent before marriage.”


Quell the Christians

Power shift in the wake of America ’s mid-term election pales in comparison to the certain impact of recent UN transitions. Incoming UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon began his appointment on the first of January, not long after U.S. ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, resigned his post. This change of command presupposes a global paradigm shift yet to be determined.


UN reformation and treatment of Israel aren’t the only concerns. An International Criminal Court lacks legal safeguards guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. Once ratified, the ICC is poised to wield permanent jurisdiction over numbers of “rights” that defy clear Biblical mandate. Examples include reproductive and lesbian rights, voluntary legalized prostitution, and adolescent autonomy from parental guidance.


Even so, opportunistic political strategists have learned that religion sells. From Nancy Pelosi’s Faith Working Group to serious candidates’ hiring high-profile religious advisors, partisan politicians aspire to corner the market on god, yet one lone voice above all must be silenced—that of born-again, Bible-believing fundamental Christians.


This month, the World Social Forum meets in Nairobi —its official slogan: “Another World is Possible.” In the maze of differing cultures and, therefore, religious viewpoints, this “other world” scraps much that Americans have held dear. In fact, the Nairobi forum promises to give way instead to a burgeoning one-world religion (neo-pantheistic syncretism), as advanced by New Age gurus.


Perilous Times

At the height of summer travel, U.S. officials raised the airline terror threat level to red—this, for the first time since 9/11—and most assuredly not for the last time. Face it. The world faces escalating chaos.


Continued fighting in the western region of Sudan (Darfur) between rebels and government-supported militias has resulted in catastrophic suffering, and the State Department’s top diplomat for Latin America expects no shift from brutal Castro-ism. Despite Fidel’s disappearance from the public eye, his brother Raul is expected to carry on Cuba ’s hard-line policies.


No matter that India has yet to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. U.S. companies now are authorized to conduct nuclear business with India . Speaking of which, North Korea will not rule out further testing of its manufactured, up-to-date nuclear weapons.


Former legendary Israeli leader, Ariel Sharon was quick to offer that “ Israel won’t be the first country to introduce nuclear weaponry into the Middle East .” In January of 2006, Iran ’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad broke the seals at three nuclear facilities. Thereafter in October, he declared Israel “on the verge of death,” later insisting that she will “soon disappear,” as did the Soviet Union .


Though a ceasefire between Hezbollah and Israel took effect in August, Lebanon ’s internal conflict has only intensified. Regional provocateurs like Iran and Syria warrant keen scrutiny, and combat in Afghanistan passed the five-year mark. Last June when militants linked to al-Qaeda took control of the capital of Somalia ( Mogadishu ), Ethiopia offered support. This well could lead to regional war on the Horn of Africa, thus opening a new front in the global struggle for Islamic rule.



Globalism, harmonization, anti-traditionalism, religious persecution, so-called sustainable society—all these contribute to what many perceive as America’s free fall in these perilous times. Still, the forecast for 2007 is a mixed bag.


As Christians ponder what’s in store throughout 2007 and beyond for their families; community, state, nation; and world, they rest assured that the Heavenly Father reigns supreme. He alone grants otherworldly peace, victorious and abundant living—even life itself.


In God’s time, leaves of the Tree of Life referenced in Revelation 22 will affect the healing of nations. This, I contend, is well worth the wait—and any price to be paid.




Debra Rae is an author and educator who has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad. Having authored two books—the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural-Isms (the latter highlighted at the 55th Annual CBA International Convention, 2004)—Debra contributing columnist for News With Views. Debra has been a speaker on numerous radio shows aired across the nation, the Western Hemisphere, Russia, and the Middle East. This past year, she co-launched and now co-hosts WOMANTalk, a special edition of Changing Worldviews TALK Radio, for which she writes weekly commentaries. www.debraraebooks.com, www.womantalk.uswww.newswithviews.com/Rae/Debra.htm