Democrats Hire ‘Faith Advisors’ To Win In 2008



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In addition to her recasting herself as a girl from Baltimore rather than from San Francisco with all its 'values' and a grandma, the newly elected Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants us all to know she is religious. She received Communion in a very public display of her Catholicism, this past week amidst all the swearing in ceremonies.

Burns Strider heads religious outreach for the House Democratic Caucus, which was created by Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2005 when Democratic strategists recognized that their party lost ground in the previous election.

Strider, one of the Democratic Party’s leading strategists on winning over evangelicals and values-driven voters, (did you know there were strategists for such things?) has been hired by Hillary Clinton's as her new 'faith guru' for her 2008 presidential bid. See lots more on Hillary here.

John Kerry who is also considering a run for the 2008 Democratic nomination, has been active in this arena, too. In September, he gave a speech on “service and faith” at the conservative Pepperdine University . And he has recruited Shaun Casey, associate professor of Christian Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary, to advise him on religious outreach. During the 2004 presidential election Kerry hired someone to direct his 'religious outreach', but was someone who Catholic League President William Donahue, called an "ultra-leftist who consorts with anti-Catholic bigots.”

What a switch, at least for the top contenders for the democrat nomination -- to have 'faith advisers' specializing in religious outreach -- from 2004 when democrat candidates didn't see the value of reaching out to values-voters.

Will voters get it that candidates have a new strategy to use religion to get elected? Will they be able to discern the real from the fake? The genuine expressions from the phony?

This is a TOP WATCH.


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