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Can I say, I told you so?

The World Congress of Families International Secretary Allan Carlson called a decision to allow the creation of embryos with human and animal DNA "yet another tragic milestone in the devaluation of human life."

The decision to allow the procedure was made by Britain's Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority. The procedure consists of injecting human DNA into rabbit or cow eggs, whose own DNA has been mostly, but not completely, removed to facilitate the extraction of stem cells for research.

Carlson comments: "These human/animal embryos are supposed to be destroyed within 14 days - which is bad enough in itself. But once we start down this particular slippery slope, what monsters may greet us at the bottom?"

"What started with the abortion movement in the early 1970s has led to the euthanasia and cloning movements and now the first steps toward creating chimeras (creatures part human and part animal) - all in the name of human rights and medical advances. Who's to say that at some point in time one of these hybrids won't be transferred to a woman's womb and allowed to gestate?" Carlson observed.
The World Congress of Families is calling on the British government to reverse its decision to inflict such horrors on humanity.


We've had Jennifer Lahl and Wesley Smith on the show talking about this issue from the beginning. But did we ever think it would get this far?


Q: What do you think of mixing the DNA of animals and humans?




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