Guest Commentary 5

When We Were Cowboys...

We Were Invincible


©2007  Resa LaRu Kirkland


Golda Meir once said (paraphrase) “…the fighting will stop when they love their children more than they hate us.”  I’ve said multiple times that the #1 killers of Palestinian children—or any child whose parents follow Islam—are Palestinian adults.  The left’s mantra of “Won’t someone Puhleez think of the children?” rings hollow and impotent given their appalling inaction on behalf of the children who truly need it—children of Islam.  Their suffering is inexcusably ignored by these self-styled paragons of the defenseless.  These little ones are on their own, left to their own devices, and in the hands of Islamic adults, those “devices” are most likely Improvised and Explosive.  And all because the left in this land and others are too gutless to admit to their own horrifically failed policies.  Pathetic.


Get the picture?  If you do, congratulations; you’re not a loserly hippy.  You’re what we used to call a cowboy—an American Cowboy.


And when we were Cowboys, we were invincible.


“I’m not gonna hit ya…I’m not gonna hit ya.  The hell I ain’t!!”—John Wayne


We were John Wayne and Gary Cooper, Randolph Scott and Audie Murphy,  rife with guts from Normandy to Hiroshima, and never once thinking it necessary to apologize for defending freedom—both our own and that of strangers.  Wicked men trembled at the thought of our Marines on their shores, and the righteous oppressed whom we have repeatedly saved stood in awe of our decency, generosity, and ability to forgive and rebuild alongside an enemy that our efforts—and ours alone—transformed into a friend.  There has never been such a nation in history; we overthrow evil but don’t overtake their country; we destroy the cancerous tumor dining on the flesh of the free without destroying the rights of the people to their God-given free will.  We have been magnificent as cowboys, better than most and stronger than all, the keepers of the flame and the defenders of freedom on behalf of those too weak to fight for themselves.  This has been the legacy of America .  If we lose her now, there will never be such a realm again.  Our new slave masters will see to it.


And make no mistake; losing is a distinct possibility this time.  Our enemies were wrong in the past to underestimate our resolve, and they paid dearly.  But in the past 40 years they have gained a powerful ally who has both helped promote their propaganda, which has strengthened them externally, while cutting the balls off Americans and pounding us with the “guilt” stick in order to weaken us internally.  This is how they lost us the war in Vietnam, even after we won every single battle.  The Hippy Press realized that if they could make something look like the truth, make it look like the majority of the people believe the same leftist way they do, they could manipulate reality until it became their Marxist utopia, with the same veracity as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, Mao Zedong, Mussolini, and Hiro Hito.  They take their cues not from the best men in history, but from the wretched and wicked, and then try to one-up them. 


Don’t believe me?  Think I’m out of line?  Then explain something to me.  Explain this sentence from an article today from Arutz Sheva:


The IDF was told Wednesday that it would be allowed to use "pinpoint operations" to destroy terrorist cells in the act of launching Kassam attacks.


Allowed?  Allowed?  When the hell did this happen?  Are they serious?  Have we become so pitiable as to decide when we are allowed to defend ourselves and when we must take it?  For God’s sake, people, we are at war for our very existence!  Where have all the cowboys gone?!  They’re not in American politics, media, or Hollywood , and given recent behavior, Israel ’s politics, media, and movies haven’t fared any better.  No, they were rounded up, their rifles and guns confiscated, and shipped off to sensitivity training, which is just a more palatable term for capitulation.


We have PM Ehud Olmert officially recognizing the flag of Palestine, a land that never existed for the Arabs but did exist for Israel in its origins.  He is also giving in to the demands for tried/convicted terrorists to be released in exchange for the kidnapped Israeli soldiers.  You know the ones I’m talking about; the ones that the UN demanded be released “without condition” in early August in exchange for Israel stopping its bombing?  Yeah, those soldiers.  They’re still not home; did you even know that?  Israel stopped; as always, they kept their promise, so where are the soldiers?  Even more importantly—and unpardonable—where is the international outrage at this iniquitous defiance yet again?  But then, the deceitful and cowardly Palestinians have never kept a promise or document they’ve signed…why on earth should they begin now?   Especially when you consider the fact that the Koran justifies lying, stealing, and murdering when the victims are Jews or Infidels.  (For the hippy-impaired, that’s YOU.) Their make-believe god allah makes it clear to them that unless you’re a follower of Islam, you’re not innocent.  This is why they kill babies; if you’re the offspring of a Jew or an infidel, you’re not innocent.  They will NEVER condemn a Muslim who blows himself up in a nursery school, because those babies are infidels.  Screwed up thinking from history’s most screwed up group of people.


Honor means nothing to these murderers of children.  Apparently it means nothing to us, either.  Islam has been shelling Israel daily for 4 straight weeks now, another condition of the UN mandate they’ve soundly violated, but is anyone crying “Foul?”  No.  In fact, have you even heard it mentioned on CNN or any of the networks?  No.  Aren’t you the least bit curious as to why?


Here’s why.  When you belong to a third world country, seething with jealousy, rage, hatred, and poverty, you must aim your wrath somewhere.  You can’t aim it at your own group, because that takes guts.  Like spoiled little children, Islam aims at America and Israel while letting their own Muslim brethren—who have been far more responsible for their suffering than any other group on earth—off the hook.  This is not the behavior of adults…these are nasty little children in dire need of an old-fashioned beating.  Like teenage antagonists, Islam conducts marching drills stomping on the Israeli flag painted beneath their feet.  To these spoiled, impotent fools, that is a horrific insult.  Do you know of any other group of people on earth who does such things?  No, you don’t.  We don’t do it, Israel doesn’t do it, but our own leftist losers are quick to come to the defense of those who do behave in this ridiculous manner.  We on the right tolerate it because it so stupid, and considering the source, isn’t going to end anytime soon. 


The worst thing to give a spoiled child is what he wants, which is attention.  That only encourages him.  Instead of ignoring Islam’s smelly brown ass and bitch-slapping them when they step out of line, we give them money, weapons, and land, none of which does a damned thing to quell their hatred or ensure their promise “this time.”  We’ve let them off the hook for every murder, every bombing, every rocket, every broken promise, every UN violation, and every innocent baby used as a human shield, something we would never do for Israel or America .  I am utterly flabbergasted.  What madness has grasped the souls of man that those blessed with the power to stop this unacceptable behavior sit by and actually encourage it?


These are the grim realities we now face in this all-out war between good and evil.  Just as WWII and the Cold War boiled down to those who believed in freedom and life versus those who loved death and oppression, this war is all about those of us who claim to believe in free will versus those of them who believe in “Do as I say or else.”  It’s the War in Heaven all over again, divided between those who follow Lucifer and those who follow the begotten Son of God. 


We love life and all it has to offer; Bin Laden said it best when he told his followers that Islam loves death.  Two polar opposites.  Only one side can be the right choice, and when we were Cowboys, we knew which side, and chose it.  We declared it boldly, without reservation or fear.  We felt justified by a God who loved our freedoms and lives so much that He was willing to sacrifice greatly on our behalf.  We followed that same path, and in doing so squelched evil and removed it from the earth.  We succeeded in stopping evil; not slowing it down, but wiping it out.  There was no doubt:  God was on our side, because we were on His.


Now, after 40 years of wretched Political Castration, we have been bludgeoned into submission and have allowed the fear of being called a word—racist—to rule our senses rather than our common sense or sense of decency.  And we have done so in spite of the fact that it makes no sense whatsoever.  One giant, jolly, childish game of “Let’s pretend” with very real, adult, and permanent consequences.


The world is celebrating the death of the horrific dictator Saddam Hussein.  It is a great reason to take joy in a time of war; one of the Middle Eastern Hitler wanna-bees is in Hell where he belongs.  But it is diluted by the knowledge that there are still so very many left to go:  Bin Laden, Hamas, Hizbollah, Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong Il, not to mention China and Pakistan .  These are the powerful key players that make up the enemy known as Islammunism, and there is still such a long way to go.  Especially when it looks like so many on our side are already surrendering.  Hippy Press and leftist cowards, I’m looking in your direction.


Had we learned from history and stopped this behavior at its birth, we wouldn’t be needing massive corrective surgery.  Had we clung to our own Cowboy heritage, Israel would be free to live, and Islam would be in the sewer from whence it sprang.


One of our founding fathers, James Madison, wrote that the American concept of freedom of religion could never work with the “Eastern” religions of Buddhism or Mohammedism.  He felt that the reasons were so self-explanatory that there was no need to put such a stipulation in the constitution.  He assumed that any group whose foundation forbids the right to worship as you see fit would be rejected from entry to the only land on earth established for that very purpose. 


We let him down.


Can we take the cowboy out of storage, dust him off, saddle him up, arm him to the teeth, and set him loose against the “Islamdians?”  Can we take a little pride in what we claim to believe is right, and defend it as if we actually hold it sacred?


It’s still not too late to cowboy up.  It’s not too late to hit them.  We are the only nation on earth capable of making a cowboy; if we don’t do it, we’ve earned our fate.  Can’t we be cowboys one more time?  Can’t we beat evil again?  Yippee-ki-yi-yea, mother-killers…welcome to the OK Corral.


I still believe we can.  But man, do I miss The Duke.


Keep the faith, bros, in all things courage, and no substitute for VICTORY. 



Resa LaRu Kirkland is an avid military historian, with her main focus being on the Korean War and its forgotten warriors. She has been given many names by her beloved Korean War Vets, her favorites being "War Chick," "The Pitbull," "Rambo Brockovich," "Hellraiser," "Tiger" and "D-Day."