Fashionable Burkas? 

Part 1



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Are Muslim women covered…enough?

One of our goals at WOMANTalk is to advocate for women against abuses and persecution they face through our show and our website, such as our two part show last month on “Polygamy’s Victims.”

Our Special Edition of the show on “Wives of Terrorists”, however, was hard-hitting on the mentalities some Muslim women have towards jihad (would divorce their husbands if they did not participate), American soldiers (“filth of the earth”), the Jews (“crush them!” & “make their wives widows and children orphans”).

While I said on the show, “There are worldviews we never dreamed of,” there are also mentalities contrary to these Canadian radical Islamic women held by other Muslim women that are not being brought out in the mainstream media, but need to be told.

Such as the upcoming interview we have scheduled with a female Muslim entertainer who is speaking out on the abuses and honor killings ‘disobedient’ Muslim women face in certain countries. And there are more women who are courageously speaking out from other arenas at great risk, who we will have on the show as well.

What constitutes 'abuse'? Of course, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harm or oppression. And while Beliefnet did a spoof on one-eyed burkas for April Fools...

“A new splinter group of Muslims in Saudi Arabia has declared that the Wahhabi sect, considered strict by many people, is actually promoting lasciviousness and immoral Western values.

Though the customary burkas worn by women in these countries cover all of the body except for the eyes, a new group of imams have decried the garment for showing too much. "Women were found to be winking!" said Sheikh Fahd.

They have ruled that in order to prevent "immodesty" and winking, women will have to wear new burkas that cover all but one eye. "This way, if they wink, it will look like a blink," the Imam declared.”

...keeping Muslim women 'hidden' ...their talents, potential contributions and voices, not to mention their beautiful faces, hinders them and society. Not all have the mentalities of the 'wives of terrorists' mentioned above.

As I said, there are worldviews we (Westerners) never dreamed of.

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