A Conflict Of Visions


A Conflict Of Visions: Ideological Origins Of Political Struggles

Controversies in politics arise from many sources, but the conflicts that endure for generations or for centuries show a remarkably consistent pattern. The analysis of this pattern is the purpose of A Conflict of Visions. its theme is that the enduring political controversies of the past two centuries reflect radically different visions of the nature of man. Issues as diverse as criminal justice, income distribution, or war and peace repeatedly show those with one vision lining up on one side and those with another vision lining up on the other.


Dr. Thomas Sowell describes A Conflict of Visions as "the culmination of thirty years of work in the history of ideas"--a field in which he established his professional reputation years before writing any of his well-known books on ethnicity and other social issues. Dr. Sowell and his books have received a number of awards and honors, and have been translated into several languages. He has been a consultant to three administrations of both parties, as well as scholar-in-residence at three "think tanks." He is now a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute in Stanford, California.



Ruin Your Financial Life


How to Ruin Your Financial Life


Anyone can write a book about how to get rich. The bookstores are full of them. They rarely work, though, which isn’t surprising since the people who write them rarely know much about money.


But it takes Ben Stein, economist, finance expert for Barron’s, commentator on finance for Fox News, and (fairly) successful investor to write a book called How to Ruin Your Financial Life. Written with the same tongue-in-cheek cheekiness as his bestselling How to Ruin Your Life, this book is a humorous road map showing you how to make something useful of the money that comes in and out of your life. Follow the rules—in reverse gear—and you’re bound to be a lot better off than you are now. Follow the rules as they’re written—and you’re highly likely to wind up in bankruptcy court—as millions do every decade.

Become Successful



Yes, You Can Become A Successful Income Investor!: Reaching For Yield In Today's Market

With the bursting of the stock market bubble, and after 13 rate cuts by the Federal Reserve, yields on CDs and Money Market funds tread at historic lows—a negative return after inflation. Gone are the days when investors could earn 5 percent interest, risk-free. With smaller savings coupled with lower returns on what savings remain, retirees and others living on fixed-income investments watch in horror as their income checks shrink with each passing month.


However, there are investments that still earn a significant rate of return—and do so reliably and consistently. These fixed-income securities include bonds, real estate investment trusts, preferred stocks, and emerging market debt, among others. They earn the kind of returns that baby boomers and the retirement community need in the same way they need to draw breath, yet hardly anyone knows anything about them. Read more here...

Affirmative Action



Affirmative Action Around The World:

An Empirical Study


This book moves the discussion of affirmative action beyond the United States to other countries that have had similar policies, often for a longer time than Americans have. It also moves the discussion beyond the theories, principles, and laws that have been so often debated to the actual empirical consequences of affirmative action in the United States and in India, Nigeria, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other countries. Both common patterns and national differences are examined. Much of what emerges from a factual examination of these policies flatly contradicts much of what was expected and much of what has been claimed.

The Einstein Syndrome


The Einstein Syndrome: 

Bright Children Who Talk Late


The Einstein Syndrome is a follow-up to Late-Talking Children, which established Thomas Sowell as a leading spokesman on the subject. While many children who talk late suffer from developmental disorders or autism, there is a certain well-defined group who are developmentally normal or even quite bright, yet who may go past their fourth birthday before beginning to talk. These children are often misdiagnosed as autistic or retarded, a mistake that is doubly hard on parents who must first worry about their apparently handicapped children and then must see them lumped into special classes and therapy groups where all the other children are clearly very different.


Sowell can now identify a particular syndrome, a cluster of common symptoms and family characteristics, that differentiates these late-talking children from others; relate this syndrome to other syndromes; speculate about its causes; and describe how children with this syndrome are likely to develop.


Race and Culture



Race and Culture: 

A World View


Thomas Sowell is one of America's leading voices on matters of race and ethnicity. In his most recent book, Inside American Education, he surveyed the ills of American education from the primary grades to graduate school with "an impressive range of knowledge and acuity of observation," according to the Wall Street Journal. Now in his newest book Race and Culture, he asks the question: "What is it that allows certain groups to get ahead?" and the answer will undoubtedly create debates for years to come.



The History of Israel



Israel & The Nations: The History of Israel from the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple

The story of Israel is one of the outstanding tales of human history. Israel, occupying a narrow strip of land between sea and desert, was positioned on an international highway of commerce and warfare. This was a people whose future would be intertwined with the stories of nations great and small. F. F. Bruce shapes the daunting complexities of this history, nearly fourteen hundred years from exodus to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, into straight prose that sparkles with clarity. Get it here



Expand Your Vocabulary



Verbal Advantage



More than 100,000 people have enriched their vocabulary--and their career and social success—beyond their expectations using Verbal Advantage, America’s #1audio vocabulary program. Now all ten steps of this powerful program are available in one convenient and affordable volume. paperback



Economics For Everyone


Basic Economics:

A Citizen's Guide To The Economy Revised and Expanded


From one of America's best-known economists, the one book anyone who wants to understand the economy needs to read. The purpose of Basic Economics is to enable people without any economic training to understand the way the economy functions-not only the American economy, but other economies around the world. In the end, this is not a book from which to cram facts, but one from which to gain an understanding of the economy that will enable you to form your own conclusions on the basis of tested principles, rather than on the basis of emotion or rhetoric.



An Invaluable Resource


God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations


It is the most exciting, comprehensive book in print today highlighting America's Godly heritage. This 864-page reference book contains over 2,100 profound quotations from founding fathers, presidents, constitutions, court decisions and more. Entries are alphabetized and many are illustrated. With easy-to-use subject and source indexes, this book is nothing short of a gold mine for speeches, debates, articles, letters to elected officials, etc. paperback




An Invaluable 




Military History Magazine


Military History Magazine features the most authoritative, in-depth articles on the history of warfare from ancient times to the 20th century. Articles focus on military tactics, strategy, wartime leaders and famous campaigns. Each issue provides compelling, incisive accounts from top writers and historians of land, naval and air warfare, all illustrated with the world's finest artwork, photography and battle maps.




Learn Hebrew



Hebrew Tutor Multimedia CD-Rom


Learn Hebrew at your own speed whenever you like! Whether you're a student, teacher, or just want to learn or refresh your Hebrew, this self-paced multimedia tutorial will help you read, write, and pronounce Hebrew quickly and easily. Tells how to pronounce every letter and word, as well as how to write it * 14 units cover adjectives, alphabet, construct nouns, imperatives, imperfect stems, infinitives, nouns, participles, perfect stems, prepositions, pronouns, qal imperfects, qal perfects, and vowels * Review sections for paradigms and vocabulary * Vocabulary Builder and Quick Review Charts * Interactive translation of the Book of Ruth * Flash cards * 486 * 4MB RAM * Windows 3.1



The History of Israel



Israel & The Nations: The History of Israel from the Exodus to the Fall of the Second Temple

The story of Israel is one of the outstanding tales of human history. Israel, occupying a narrow strip of land between sea and desert, was positioned on an international highway of commerce and warfare. This was a people whose future would be intertwined with the stories of nations great and small. F. F. Bruce shapes the daunting complexities of this history, nearly fourteen hundred years from exodus to the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70, into straight prose that sparkles with clarity. Get it here



Look it Up!




The Merriam-Webster Dictionary


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary continues the Merriam-Webster tradition and provides clear, concise definitions and essential information about the most common words in the language. With more than 70,000 entries, this invaluable resource contains the key features usually found only in larger hardcover dictionaries: pronunciations, etymologies, grammatical information, usage notes, synonym lists, and more



Joseph Story

On The Constitution



A Familiar Exposition of

The Constitution Of The United States


Joseph Story, was a child of the American Revolution who became not only a professor of law at Harvard but a Supreme Court Justice - the youngest ever appointed - joining that giant of the early court, Chief Justice John Marshall


As a witness to, and participant in, the early years of constitutional interpretation, Justice Story opens a brilliant window into the thinking of the Founders. He reminds us that a strict construction of - and adherence to - the Constitution was what the Founders intended.


So as you read this book - or give it to your children or grandchildren - be sure to pass along a copy to your local federal judge. He no doubt needs it even more.



Our Judeo-Christian Roots



Christianity and the Constitution


John Eidsmoe rights the faulty historical record and correctly brings us back to the roots that made America great. . . clearly demonstrates that our constitutional liberties are a direct result of our founders' moral and religious convictions which were based on belief in God who created heaven and earth as well as on the fixed and unchanging absolutes of God's Word. Balanced and lucid. . . clearly documents the pervasive Christian influence on the lives and thought of those who wrote our Constitution.  The author holds five degrees in law, theology, and political science. He serves as professor of constitutional law and related subjects at the Thomas Goode Jones School of Law, Faulkner University, Montgomery, Alabama, where he received the Outstanding Professor Award in 1993. A constitutional attorney and lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, he has also taught church history in various seminaries.



A Must 

For Every American



The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the 

United States


These prodigious documents are a must read for every American citizen in order to enhance our knowledge of American jurisprudence. Also to ensure that our rights are not being abrogated. paperback  



Building An Educated Vocabulary



Word Smart: Building An Educated Vocabulary


The words people use say a lot about them. Some words say that they are smart, persuasive, and informed. Others say that they don't know what they're talking about. Knowing which words to use and how to use them are keys to getting the most from one's mind and to communicating effectively.


In this updated third edition, editors give readers the most important words they need to know to score higher.


Includes special lists covering:

• Common usage errors
• Most frequently tested words on standardized tests
• Foreign phrases, abbreviations, and terms readers need to know to understand finance, science, computers, and the arts



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