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December 31, 2012 - January 1, 2013





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REELTalk: Thriller The Life Zone with Kenneth del Vecchio


Joining Audrey Russo for tonight's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is Critically Acclaimed Filmmaker & Bestselling Author, Kenneth del Vecchio. Kenneth has written, produced and directed nearly 20 feature films that star 75+ film and TV stars, including multiple Academy Award and Emmy winners such as Robert Logia and Charles Durning. His new flick is a brilliant, shocking and must-see thriller! PLUS, I'll be discussing the Fiscal Cliff, the Left's emotional response to the shooting in Newtown, and Michael Moore's anti-Gun rant...don't miss it! 





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December 24-25, 2012



Please enjoy our 2 little gifts to you:


1. Read 'The Christmas Story' (print-friendly version) by clicking here.


2. Listen to a streaming broadcast of Armed Forces Radio, December 25, 1943, on the player below:


Armed Forces Radio Service 

Christmas Package 

December 25, 1943





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REELTalk: PC Seasonal Lunacies with Brad Stine/Music by the Maccabeats


Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is comedian & actor BRAD STINE to talk about the War on Christmas and other PC-lunacies of the season and the years. Also joining the discussion is comedian JACK SIMMONS. PLUS, we'll get a visit from the MACCABEATS both a Jewish music group and an a cappella phenomena. And want to bless someone for Christmas/New Year? We have some veteran's visiting to help you with ideas! Sure to be an amazing show! 




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Come 2043: I Want My Cracker Credits


December 17, 2012


"The Great Society...is a place where men are more concerned with the quality of their goals than the quantity of their goods." ~Lyndon B. Johnson, Speech, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, May 22, 1964


Yesterday the Census Bureau projected that by 2043...White people, or Crackers, will no longer be in the majority.


Now upon that news, I sat back and thought: Finally...Crackers will get what we've been robbed of for years. 


Allow me to elucidate...


Those of us with less melanin in our skin (by birth, not by choice), have had to pay for the crimes of...in most cases of those of no relation...for decades. We've had money forcibly taken from us (taxes for subventions) to help assuage the guilt of perhaps decedents of the criminals. 


Personally...that blows!


That 'equalizer', known as entitlements, has no end date...and just keeps growing for those in the minority. So this news is a WOO HOO for whitey!! Now those of us who have suffered unjustly under the discriminatory rules since our birth...should get Cracker Credits!!


And since the Census Bureau is part of the government...and therefore they just couldn't be wrong...AND since I may not be alive in 2043...


I want my Cracker Credits NOW!


Where do I apply?



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REELTalk: America's Got Talent 2011 Winner Landau Murphy Jr.


Joining Audrey Russo for this week's REELTalk edition of Changing Worldviews is the winner of 2011 America's Got Talent LANDAU EUGENE MURPHY JR. He'll share his amazing story and some of the music from his first CD, That's Life...and his new Christmas CD, as well!! Plus later, I will be talking about S. Korea's dance sensation PSY Gangnam Style hate...don't miss a minute!! 




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Maniacal Machinations: Offend Our Allies, Embrace Our Enemies


December 11, 2012


For those who have suggested or insisted that Barack Obama had no Foreign Policy (FP)...I beg to differ. From his first speech in Cairo, he knew exactly what he was doing. He not only sent a message orally but symbolically.


We must look back here, to look 'forward'...

Naiveté you may say? More like maniacal machinations...


This administration has dissed our allies since day one...here's a partial list: Israel, India, Poland, the Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Columbia, Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Great Britain and Brazil. And like his VP Joe the Gaffe-Meister: He's also the gift that keeps on giving...tsuris.


This should be a no-brainer, but...

Four more years of this meshugass...and we won't ever again have to worry about having to take on a conflict unilaterally...we'll have no choice.


Shalom through strength...



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Hudna Is No Truce, But A Trick


December 3, 2012 


So, while Hillary and Barry are sticking their thumbs under their uber-smelly armpits in a gloat-fest for a truce, the truth escapes the super geniuses...


So, Hamas agreed to a Hudna. The West, using the wrong dictionary, pressures Israel to accept what they believe to be a ceasefire, a truce. But they are deceived.


The Taqiyya-tongued terrorists know that a hudna is quite different than a truce. Hudna has a distinct meaning to Islamic fundamentalists, knowledgeable in their history: Their prophet Mohammed struck a legendary, 10-year truce or hudna with the Quraysh tribe, but quickly built up his military power until he could overcome the Quraysh tribe and 3 years later did exactly that. He broke the treaty. Arafat used this as his model for 'peace' deals with Israel. And so his brethren continue to follow the ways of their prophet.


The current example is what we saw between Israel and Hamas just before Thanksgiving. But will it go the way every other agreement has gone in the past dealing with the Palestinian Authority? You can bet your hudna on it...


It's been reported that Iran is feverishly re-arming Hamas, with the help of their puppet Assad...how Mohammed-like.


Going sidebar: Isn't it interesting that despite the hatred the different sects of Islam have for one another...they all unite when it comes to destroying Israel and the West. Iran is Shia. Hamas is Sunni. Assad is Alawi. Kumbaya!


Back from sidebar: Is the Israeli PM Bibi Netanyahu aware of the true meaning of hudna? Indeed he is...but the pressure is incredible upon him to agree and the hopes are that the world just might...this time...pay attention when Hamas breaks the agreement.


I appreciate the PM's position, but I believe the only way to deal with vermin is not to negotiate, but rather exterminate.


Dead pests shoot no rockets.


Shalom through strength...




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