Journalists Applaud Al-Zarqawi’s Death



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Having vowed loyalty to Osama bin Laden in 2004 and orchestrating what the Washington Post calls the bloodiest suicide bombings of the insurgency, beheading hostages and slaughtering thousands if Iraqis in order to incite a civil war with the goal of  driving America’s presence out of Iraq, al-Zarqawi was killed in a U.S. air strike along with his spiritual advisor, Sheik Abdul Rahman, on Wednesday.


Iraqis provided the intelligence and U.S. forces conducted 17 raids culminating in a target hit on the most-wanted militant terrorist leader, who had the same U.S. bounty on his head as Osama bin Laden - $25 million.


His identity was confirmed by fingerprints, and when Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced al-Zarqawi’s death loud applause broke from Iraqi journalists.


What? Journalist applauding the news? Think about it. Iraqi journalists broke out in loud applause at the news of al-Zarqawi’s death! Did American journalists do the same when President Bush announced the news? Or in another venue? Nope.


The Left’s talk show hosts were off the chart on the news. As pointed out by Tim Graham at Newsbusters:


I caught some of the opening minutes of the Stephanie Miller show today (on Air America). They were playing clips of the Rose Garden Bush remarks and just mocking his accent. "He's extra-twangy today," mocked Miller. The show's impressionist started doing Bush in a William Buckley-esque Connecticut accent, implying the Texas talk is all phony. Then they began joking "we're auditioning for a new boogey-man," as if Zarqawi was a phantom in a closet.”


And on his way home from work he caught Randi Rhodes on the same channel, who clearly is in the running for the most biased, blind, complete spin-off-the-planet comments!


“Hoo boy. She was saying Zarqawi was our boy, someone we protected in the no-fly zone from Saddam Hussein, and then used as an excuse for war. A few minutes later, she complained it was a "sick, psychotic" day for news, and said the rulers of America were "imperialistic, hegemonistic....dictators."


Unbelievable! The days that follow I’m sure will find more liberal ‘reasoning’ to why catching this mass murderer of the Iraqi people and our troops is no big deal. Just watch.

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