Debra Rae

Obama, Alpha and Omega  



©2008 Debra Rae

Like it or not, the 2008 election is laden with spiritual energy. Of late, a fire-y, born-again and water-baptized Christian has shaken up the vice-presidential race; and partisans across the aisle perceive their presidential hopeful as a sort of New Messiah. While Gov. Sarah Palin has inspired the Nation’s soccer moms, Obama’s “can do” message and charisma have roused African-American youth to be “all that they can be.” 


Thumbs Down

Having donned army fatigues, Obama’s youth of the Junior Fraternity Regiment march in cadence while bellowing the mantra “Alpha/Omega,” “Alpha/ Omega.” Check it out on You Tube; and you will see young African-American men locking their fists in front of them as they bark, “yes, we can!” Shouting with military precision, each extols Obama for the many blessings of his Health Care Plan. It’s expressly “because of Obama” that each young soldier can claim by faith the certainty of realizing his life’s dream. 

Now, watch the video of Adolf Hitler’s youth. Here, too, you will see similarly uniformed young men chanting and gesturing in unison while extolling the noblest of beings, a savior for whom they live and die—namely, the “one who rules the brave new world,” none other but the Fuehrer.  


This chilling video is paired with a sort of Sunday “worship” service. At a private home in Venice, California, starry-eyed adults beam while secondary-aged children sing for joy and “as one” and “with all their heart.” Animated gestures and matching “Imagine Hope” t-shirts enhance lyrics about Obama’s spreading happiness, freedom and change. With exuberance, children proclaim that Obama will “change it and rearrange it”; under his leadership, “yes, we can, can, can”! But don’t count, count, count on it! 


Thumbs Up 

In the Bible, the Lord Jesus Christ is described as the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. When used together, the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet, Alpha and Omega respectively, speak of “completeness” or perfection. In Christ alone believers “can do” all things, and in Him they realize their lives’ purposes. He is the Agent of True Change, the Great Physician and Hope of the Ages—the One for Whom every knee shall bow. 

No candidate, despite his or her political party, can offer what only Jesus does. To believe otherwise is folly.

Debra Rae is an author and educator who has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad. Having authored two books—the ABCs of Globalism and ABCs of Cultural-Isms (the latter highlighted at the 55th Annual CBA International Convention, 2004)—Debra contributing columnist for News With Views. Debra has been a speaker on numerous radio shows aired across the nation, the Western Hemisphere, Russia, and the Middle East. This past year, she co-launched and now co-hosts WOMANTalk, a special edition of Changing Worldviews TALK Radio, for which she writes weekly commentaries. www.debraraebooks.com, www.womantalk.uswww.newswithviews.com/Rae/Debra.htm