Chris Adamo

America’s Stake In The ‘06 Elections



©2006 Christopher G. Adamo


Conservative America is justifiably angry over the lack of Republican representation it receives in Washington. The two biggest bones of contention, spending and immigration, exhibit a mindset among the GOP “inner circle” that is disdainful of the concerns of grassroots America and thus willing to sacrifice its values in a vain effort to garner the favor of self-serving special interests.


Yet regardless of the particular issue in question, the detrimental effects of Republican ineptitude and half-hearted dedication to the party’s undergirding principles, while certainly making the case for an overhaul of its leadership, does not suggest in any way that America should turn to the Democrats.


The fallout from a Democrat controlled Congress, both in its immediate adverse impact on traditional America as well as the long-term costs involved, would ultimately be far more harmful to the future of the country. And it is by no means guaranteed that such harm could be turned around for many years to come, even in the event that the country were to immediately recognize the error of empowering the left.


The chief issues that will directly affect the lives of all Americans in this present, turbulent time are Islamic terrorism, the invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico, and the disintegration of the Constitutional framework for government. Democrats regularly posture to any and every angle on these areas of concern, dictated strictly by how they believe their transient positions will be received by the voters.


Nevertheless, the real liberal agenda holds the potential to render these critical issues quantifiably worse than they presently are. A naïve denial of this grim truth will only serve to hasten the impending disaster planned by the left, if its dreams of regaining Congressional majorities this November are realized.


Mainstream media coverage of the capture of al Qaeda leader Hamed Jumaa Farid al-Saeedi in Iraq the past week has been relatively scant. Certainly it does not compare to what America would have incessantly heard, had he been somehow embarrassed by malicious prison guards with cameras at Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo.


Yet the brutality of al-Saeedi, and the events surrounding his apprehension, represent the very nature of the terror war and the manner in which it must be conducted and won, if America is to have any hope of abating the threats to its future posed by militant Islam.


In contrast, various “cut and run” policies are being advocated by the left, presumably to reduce the deaths of American soldiers on the streets of Baghdad. Yet they most certainly guarantee that those numbers will be vastly eclipsed by the deaths of American civilians on the streets of its own cities, the specific time and place to be determined by the terrorists.


Considering the enormity of this threat, it is absolutely amazing that America has gone five years without a repeat of the horror and magnitude of 9-11. The terror war has been successfully fought simultaneously on many fronts.


Admittedly, some unknown method of attack could succeed tomorrow. But Democrats have made it plain that if they seize power, America will quickly revert to playing Russian roulette with terrorists, despite their past successes with tactics that are all too familiar.


In regards to immigration, America would fare no better from the promises of liberals to effectively handle the situation. Their true motive and first priority, no matter how they cloak it, is the reacquisition and preservation of their own dominance in government.


This they can best accomplish by inventing a “fast track” to citizenship, so that the illegals, culturally unassimilated and politically segregated as they presently are, nonetheless gain the ability to vote, for their Democrat benefactors.


Costs to the productive and law-abiding citizens of this country are of no present concern to those on the left. America can simply “deficit spend” its way out of that crisis at some later date. Meanwhile, a massive legalization program would ensure that Democrats hold the reins of power when the time comes. And the financial hardships borne by the rest of the nation will be only the tip of the iceberg.


Finally, the key issue about which America needs to be truly alarmed is the corruption of Constitutional principle occurring within its own courts, and by which the very bedrock of American society is imperiled.


Most Americans see the abuses of the Constitution’s “Eminent Domain” clause as reprehensible, but few seem to comprehend the ultimate evil that will inevitably ensue, if the current redefinition of this policy, indeed of government itself, is not reversed. As a result of the Supreme Court’s 2005 Kelo decision government, from the local to the federal level has officially adopted the premise of being a profit making enterprise.


Under such auspices, its function can degenerate into mob style endeavors, perpetrated with monopolistic power, the likes of which Standard Oil could never imagine.


If the right to property can be so easily abominated in pursuit of financial profit, could not every Constitutionally protected right thereafter be upheld or abandoned, based solely on its monetary gain or liability to those in power? Thus, the manner in which the courts currently allow private property to be stolen from some citizens may ultimately prove a harbinger of the manner in which it eventually oppresses the rights of all citizens.


The only viable means of averting this disastrous course is through the appointment of true advocates of the Constitution as it is written and amended. Here again, newly installed Justices Roberts and Alito, both nominated by President Bush, stand in stark contrast to the legal gymnastics perpetrated by such notable icons of the Democrats, as Clinton appointees Breyer and Ginsburg.


Make no mistake. Though Democrats will take any stand, reverse any previous position, and deny any resulting inconsistency in their mindless pursuit of power, once in control, they will govern as leftists. And just as inevitable will be the disastrous results that ensue.


Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer and the former editor of "The Wyoming Christian," state newsletter for Christian Coalition of Wyoming. Chris is also a member of the Wyoming Republican Central Committee. He is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and resides in Wyoming. Archives of his articles are available at www.chrisadamo.com